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What is the right way to live?

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Posted: April, 2017

Is there a right way to live your life?

As a certified coach I spend a lot of time reading, researching, and considering the meaning of life with my clients. Is there a better way to live? What does happiness really mean? And how do we reach the end of life and be at peace with the life that we have lived?
There are many different ways to live a fulfilling life and it is up to us to find what makes the most sense to us personally. Our own personality, values, circumstances, and responses to life challenges can affect our choices and how we live each day.


Transitions & new beginnings

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Posted: December 2016

What I’ve learned and why I wish I’d had a life coach

I sometimes wish my life had gone in a straight line. I’m sure you’ve heard about people like that. People who lived their whole life in one place with constant friendships, a stable career . . . nothing that ever turned their world upside down.

My own life, like so many people’s lives, has been the exact opposite. Either through destiny, chance, or life choices, I have been challenged to start over and redefine myself many times. I predict it will continue to happen.


Our Values. Our Life Guide.

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Posted: March 2017

Quick! Name five values that are most important to you.

Did you easily come up with five or are you stuck at two or three? Do you have more than five? Are you clear on what a value truly is?


Menopause transition

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Posted: March 2017

The untold story of menopause: One of the hardest transitions in a woman’s life

Life is filled with transitions. And some can be particularly hard as they challenge us to adapt and change to new and unknown realities. At the same time, transitions can also provide opportunities for new possibilities — ones that we may never have imagined before.

Menopause is a transition that all women eventually go through, but it affects some of us more drastically than others. Some women suffer severe side effects, while others experience a slower and smoother transition.


In the “busy-ness” of life, are we missing out on life?

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Posted: February 2017

Where are you running to?

When I recently called my good friend Sandra to wish her a happy birthday, she said: “It seems like we are always running and, as I get older, I have started to ask myself what are we running towards or maybe running from?” These are such important questions — and the basis for what I want to write about today.

In our western culture it seems that we place a high value on being ”busy.” Running around to accomplish our to-do lists has become the acceptable norm.