Calling Time On “Being Busy”

July 18, 2018 5:21 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to hear Tom Raths speak at the Canadian Positive Psychology conference. He spoke about the importance of making “time and attention” in our lives and how it’s time to stop using “busy” as a status symbol. Instead, he encourages us to be present and focused on one person or task at a time. I couldn’t agree more...

Make 2018 Meaningful, Not Just Nice

February 6, 2018 6:50 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Welcome to 2018! A new year offers so many new possibilities. What are your wishes for 2018? Who do you wish to be? Personally, I have been thinking about this a lot. Over the break, I watched the movie The Last Word about an older woman at the end of her life. I loved the movie and one of the quotes from the main character has stuck with me...

It’s Okay To Say “No”. Here’s Why

October 30, 2017 3:12 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

  As a young university student, I remember being unable to decide what I wanted to major in. I liked so many different things. Medicine, education, psychology…. I even considered engineering! I was all over the map because I was trying to keep all of my doors open. This is what I had been taught was a wise thing to do. Unfortunately, it left me feeling quite overwhelmed. Today, the older and wiser me understands what positive psychology science has proven: sometimes closing doors and saying “no” is necessary in order to be fully present in our lives. It’s important... View Article

Just. Be. You.

August 29, 2017 6:27 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

I was very fortunate to spend a week in London, England, with my children and parents earlier this summer. While we were there, we went to see a musical that my mother chose: Kinky Boots. Despite knowing little about the show, I ended up loving its music and message. One message particularly struck me:   “Be yourself, because everyone else is taken.”    This line is so true! I think it resonated with me because lately, I have been reflecting on what I have learned as I’ve grown my coaching business over the past several months. I’ve realized that it was... View Article