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Here you’ll find wisdom, insights, practices, and resources to inspire you to begin, or continue, on your path of lasting change.

November 2016 I apply many of the teachings from the science of Positive Psychology into my life. The one that I have integrated the most, however, is the concept of being human” and accepting our emotions. We may not have control over what we feel, but we do have control over our responses to those emotions. We can still choose how we behave and move forward, despite our feelings. September brought many changes at our household. We went from being a family of five to just three, as two of my kids

97cef9b0-cd2b-4a5c-bca2-0aa7b66acf70 How many times do you hear yourself or others declare, “I’m so busy!” We are a society that privileges being “busy.” Somehow our worth or sense of success is tied to our ability to multitask and to appear busier than everybody else.   A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to hear Tom Raths speak at the Canadian Positive Psychology conference. He spoke about the importance of making “time and attention” in our lives and how it’s time to stop using “busy” as a status symbol. Instead, he encourages us to be

accepting-the-unknown   Every year I end up writing something about spring. Even when I plan to write about something else, the beauty and simplicity of this season takes me back to the fundamental lessons of life. Change is everywhere. It is the one constant that we can always count on. And just as nature renews itself after a cold, dark winter, we can also experience growth and renewal if we embrace the new season in our lives. It is completely normal to fear or resist change. It comes with uncertainty and this can

IMG_5227   Just a few weeks ago my daughter and I were stranded in a hotel room during an unexpected ice storm. With no place to go, we sat together and rewatched The Last Word. In the movie, a young woman hates her job but is too afraid to make a change. The older main character, who is dying, advises her to “fail spectacularly”: “You don’t make mistakes. Mistakes make you. They make you smarter. They make you stronger. And more self-reliant. Fall on your face. Fail spectacularly. Because when you fail,

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