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IMG_5227   Just a few weeks ago my daughter and I were stranded in a hotel room during an unexpected ice storm. With no place to go, we sat together and rewatched The Last Word. In the movie, a young woman hates her job but is too afraid to make a change. The older main character, who is dying, advises her to “fail spectacularly”: “You don’t make mistakes. Mistakes make you. They make you smarter. They make you stronger. And more self-reliant. Fall on your face. Fail spectacularly. Because when you fail,

Be vulnerable. Be strong. 

97cef9b0-cd2b-4a5c-bca2-0aa7b66acf70 Do you have a favourite book that you return to again and again for guidance or inspiration? For me, Tal Ben-Shahar’s Choose the Life You WantThe Mindful Way to Happiness is one. This wonderful guide inspires me to live and work better.   Ben-Shahar’s central premise is that we are always making choices at every moment in our lives—whether we realize it or not. Good or bad, we choose how we behave, react and think. It is these many small choices that make up our overall life course.   One of the important choices we face is

The choice is yours February may technically be the shortest month of the year, but in my home city of Toronto, it feels like the longest. It is cold, the days are still short and winter feels like it may never end. To compound this, the flu season hit particularly hard this February. Many people had to miss work and school causing them to feel poorly physically and fall behind in their busy lives. I was no exception. I thought that because of my cancer journey I would never take my health for granted again

unnamed Valentine’s Day is today and even though it’s not something I celebrate, I realize it offers us a great opportunity to highlight the importance of asking our partners what we want from them. Making assumptions is common in relationships, but it is also what leads to conflict. Many people in relationships assume that the other person knows what they mean and what they want. Alas, most of the time this is NOT the case. I have been married for almost 25 years and, over the years, I have learned that if I want something, then