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Posted: May 2016

How people communicate and interact with others is a subject that fascinates me.

As human beings, our survival depends on human connection — and our connections depend on effective communication. Yet, miscommunication and conflict in human relationships are very common. As a mediator, I am always amazed at how differently each side can view the same situation. Today, I will share one element in effective communication: Perspective.

The Oxford dictionary defines “perspective” as a “particular attitude toward or way of regarding

March 2016 header

Posted: March 2016

Spring is here! A time when the days are longer and new flowers appear — and, maybe, a time for new beginnings for us as well. Today I would like to share a quick exercise that I find useful when making decisions.

We make decisions many times every day. What to do or not to do — and with whom. Where and what to spend more time on and whether or not we should try something different. And so on.

sitting on a fence

Posted: February 2016

“You and I, we’ll change the world”- Arik Einstein

A few weeks ago during a deep conversation with my good friend Morly, she mentioned that she had recently heard two songs by singer Arik Einstein played back-to-back on the radio. The songs made her think about how she wanted to live her life.

The first song was “You and I”:

You and I we’ll change the world You and I by then all will

Posted: November 2015

Each year at this time — before I start celebrating the holiday season and start planning new resolutions — I like to take time to acknowledge my accomplishments and what I learned throughout the year. I like to focus on what I did, what I worked on, and what made me feel good about myself. I resist criticizing myself for what I didn’t accomplish, or the things I wish I had done. I stay focused only on the positive things that did happen.