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summer foliage

Posted: July 2016

Summertime. Time to be.

Time to stop and appreciate what is around you and to do something for yourself.

Appreciation is an important concept in positive psychology. It is important to practice being grateful for what you have and for what is around you. Most things that make our life meaningful and happy are typically the small things that happen every day.

“When I appreciate the good, the good appreciates in my life.”Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar



Posted: June 2016

When perfection is the enemy: Why accepting “good enough” is a good thing

We hear a lot about “giving it our best” and “nothing less than 100 percent” in order to be successful in life. But are there times when achieving 80 percent might be good enough?

Of course, there are certain tasks where only 100 percent is acceptable. We would expect nothing else from a pilot or surgeon, for example. But for most of us, perfection is not always necessary. Instead it


Posted: May 2016

How people communicate and interact with others is a subject that fascinates me.

As human beings, our survival depends on human connection — and our connections depend on effective communication. Yet, miscommunication and conflict in human relationships are very common. As a mediator, I am always amazed at how differently each side can view the same situation. Today, I will share one element in effective communication: Perspective.

The Oxford dictionary defines “perspective” as a “particular attitude toward or way of regarding

March 2016 header

Posted: March 2016

Spring is here! A time when the days are longer and new flowers appear — and, maybe, a time for new beginnings for us as well. Today I would like to share a quick exercise that I find useful when making decisions.

We make decisions many times every day. What to do or not to do — and with whom. Where and what to spend more time on and whether or not we should try something different. And so on.

sitting on a fence

Posted: February 2016

“You and I, we’ll change the world”- Arik Einstein

A few weeks ago during a deep conversation with my good friend Morly, she mentioned that she had recently heard two songs by singer Arik Einstein played back-to-back on the radio. The songs made her think about how she wanted to live her life.

The first song was “You and I”:

You and I we’ll change the world You and I by then all will