Calling Time On “Being Busy”

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Calling Time On “Being Busy”

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How many times do you hear yourself or others declare, “I’m so busy!” We are a society that privileges being “busy.” Somehow our worth or sense of success is tied to our ability to multitask and to appear busier than everybody else.


A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to hear Tom Raths speak at the Canadian Positive Psychology conference. He spoke about the importance of making “time and attention” in our lives and how it’s time to stop using “busy” as a status symbol. Instead, he encourages us to be present and focused on one person or task at a time. I couldn’t agree more.


Being busy isn’t what will fulfill us. It won’t bring fulfillment and happiness, but rather leave us distracted, exhausted and disconnected from others. We will only find fulfillment and happiness through our connections. And to connect, we need to take the time to give our relationships the attention they need. 


How often do we hear glowing accolades about a person only after they have died? Can you imagine how wonderful and uplifting it likely would have been for that person to hear those positive things while they were still living? And how good it would feel to be able to tell that person directly?


One positive comment can make a huge difference in someone’s day and life. All it takes is for us to make the time and give the person the attention they deserve. Sharing kind words and your appreciation for another person will greatly increase their happiness—and yours.


Kindness and your full attention are the best presents that you can give to others and yourself.


It sounds simple, but it requires a commitment to being present in our interactions. We must put away our devices, ask questions and learn to keep our mouth closed so that we are really listening to the other person’s responses.


This is my challenge for you today: call or send a message to someone you truly care about. Whether it is a mentor, friend, family member or colleague. Let them know that they are special to you and why. It only takes a minute of time, but it is one of the best gifts you can give.


It is time to rethink “busy” and instead see giving time and attention to others as the true measure of our success in life.


With appreciation and gratitude for reading and sharing my blog,