Make 2018 Meaningful, Not Just Nice

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Make 2018 Meaningful, Not Just Nice

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Welcome to 2018! A new year offers so many new possibilities. What are your wishes for 2018? Who do you wish to be? Personally, I have been thinking about this a lot.

Over the break, I watched the movie The Last Word about an older woman at the end of her life. I loved the movie and one of the quotes from the main character has stuck with me:


Please don’t have a nice day.

Have a day that matters.

Have a day that’s true.

Have a day that is direct.

Have a day that’s honest.

Have a day that means something.
I thought about these words as I reviewed what I had (and hadn’t) accomplished in 2017. I have been thinking about the person I had been and, most importantly, the lessons that I want to apply in 2018. I keep telling myself: “Don’t make this a nice year, make it a year that means something.” 

I want 2018 to be a year that I am true to my values and to my priorities. I want a year that sees me grateful every day for what I have and showing my appreciation to others. A year in which I continue to take meaningful steps towards my vision of my best self and the life that I desire. And I want to help others find their own meaning in 2018 as well.

Whatever your own wishes are for 2018, I hope that this year brings you many days of good health, of meaningful actions for yourself and others, and many happy moments. (Remember, life is made up of the small moments.)

I look forward to continuing to share my own thoughts and ideas with you on how to create a happier life. But, as always, for support that is more specific to your personal vision for 2018, know that I am always here. I can help you create concrete steps to make your vision a reality this year.


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